Save money with sash window repair rather than replacement

You don’t need to replace your traditional sliding sash windows necessarily. You can actually have high quality sash window repairs that will save you thousands of pounds over complete replacement and comes with the additional benefit of actually keeping those original sash windows in place. This is a significant advance in technology and something that everyone should be listening to. In this article I’m going to go through in-depth sash window repair versus replacement and all of the benefits as well as negatives. Sash window repair in London has hundreds of companies that will be willing to help you with repair over replacement so don’t feel like this is a limited option.

Sash Window Repairs

Sash Window Repairs

One of the most common problems with sash windows is when a sill replacement is required. Still replacements are fine and can be affected by almost a sash window repair specialist. I’ve come across a number of sash window companies that can install sash window sills in less than a couple of hours. If you take a look around the internet you’ll see that there are plenty of websites showing detailed and very interesting looking repairs of sash windows. If you take a look at the website highlighted for example, you can see that they replace and splice a sill section and once they finished and prime the repairs it actually looks almost as if the window hasn’t been touched. This is perfect because of course we want to keep our original. Sash windows looking as close to perfect as possible.

Should I install new sash windows?

When it comes to sash window replacement a traditional sliding sash window that looks like for like with single glazed but double glazed to conform to part-L of the building regulations would set you back from anywhere from 1500 to £2,000 and that assumes that you’ve only gone to a local joiner. If you go to a professional sash window specialist company you could actually find yourself paying somewhere in the region of £2500 for windows fitted. There is a course the added advantage that you’ll get a 10 year insurance backed guarantee as a result of using their services.

Sash Window Repairs

Sash Window Repairs

However it’s quite possible that you could save considerable money by employing a joiner and then simply installing yourself because then you can contact the council directly and have them sign off the install for you. But do bear in mind that you won’t have a 10 year insurance backed guarantee and only day guaranteed of the actual Joinery manufacturer of themselves. Though if you specify Pilkington glazing within the the makeup of the sash then you’re not going to go far wrong because it’s well-known the Pilkington glass will last at least 15 to 20 years. They also produce some magnificent glazing such as low-e double glazed units. This glass has many benefits and will actually considerably improve the comfort and warmth of your home. The other great thing about double glazing of course is that you can reduce the noise and acoustically improve the quality of your home. However, would that said sash window repair is still extremely viable and if you want to keep your original windows you can install something known as a draught proofing system to them. This draught proofing system is considerably effective at making the property more comfortable.

Draught proofing and sash window repair instead of replacing for thermal efficiency

Talking about draught proofing and sash window repair, it’s actually normally around about £500 per window if you do a little bit of investigation online you’ll see that there are many sash window companies that can often repair and overhaul draught proof sash window for less than £500. Normally included in that £500 is new sash cords, new parting beads, new staff beads, and then a comprehensive draught proofing system. They also say that they balance any sashes that are incorrectly weighted. This is important because if you’ve got sashes that are under weight when you open them they’ll just simply drop and that’s no good. You need to have a sash that’s exactly weighted against the weights so that you don’t get a situation where they drop on you.
Especially, for the top sash because if you’re thinking about the top sash and it’s underweight then you push the Sash to the top and it will just drop on you. Dropping is obviously no good cos it leaves a gap across the top and drafting him to. You’ve seriously got to consider the fact that you need that window to stay flush to the head of the box frame.

Old Sash Window

Old Sash Window

Anyway, back onto the topic of sash window repair versus replacement sash windows replaced are a brilliant thing but you’ve got so got to consider the sash window repair is a fraction of the price. And when you’re keeping the existing Joinery it’s a lovely thing for the property and very sympathetic to traditional Victorian properties. In London for example, you’ll see that there are literally millions of sash windows that have been restored and refurbished rather than replaced. This isn’t just down to the cost, it’s because there are many people out there they believe this is the sympathetic and genuine thing to do to the property to maintain the original sash windows. And sash window repair, is a big part of that maintenance itself. Personally, I would try to repair the existing sash windows and install double glazed units into those themselves rather than entirely replacing the window. This is because it means that you can re-use the joinery, and reusing the joinery will save money over entire replacement but you can get the benefits of double glazing. Without all of them unnecessary costs of replacement.

Sash Window Repairs

Sash Window Repairs

To conclude sash window repair vs replacement it’s a brilliant thing to have new sash windows but the cost is slightly prohibitive as we’ve already mentioned if you look at the cost of around £2500 for window although a specialist will provide you an insurance backed guarantee it’s a considerable investment, and if you’ve got 10 windows in a property, well it’s almost like a new mortgage is required. However, sash window repair a draught proofing is pretty effective and can seriously improve the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the price. It’s still not cheap but it’s a lot less outlay than entire replacement sash windows. If I were to offer any genuine advice it would be certainly look at sash window repair before replacement and then consider double glazing existing sash windows rather than entire replacement. Even if you want you windows double glazing the existing and sash window repair might be a far more suitable option in terms of your budget anyway.

Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning supplies can save money, improve health, and help the environment. Use simple, homemade environmentally friendly cleaning products to keep the house clean without worrying about high prices and unhealthy effects on children or pets. Some powerful commercial cleaning products makes asthma and allergies worse and can be a danger around small children. These tips for common cleaning issues can help cleaning efficiency and safety without compromising health or nature.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

In the kitchen use white distilled vinegar undiluted to clean counters and sinks, remove film from glasses and jars, and guard against ants and fruit flies. For more scrubbing power in the kitchen, add a cup of baking soda to a cup of vinegar, then add a gallon of water to clean counters, ovens, windows, and other kitchen surfaces without being abrasive. Baking soda alone can remove cooking odors from the air.

Use the same baking soda and vinegar mixture to scrub bathtubs, sinks, and shower walls in the bathroom. Clean bathroom fixtures and mirrors with vinegar, and use it to remove mildew from the tiles of tubs and showers in the bathroom.


Commercial drain cleaner can rank among the most dangerous of the cleaning products kept in most homes. Instead, these options, which are quick, easy, safe, and inexpensive will do the job. Add 1 cup salt to 1 gallon of water, heat it, and pour it down the clogged or slow drain. Also try mixing 1 cup of baking soda with 1 cup vinegar, pouring it down the drain, then following up with boiling water after giving the mixture about ten minutes to work. Do not use these mixtures immediately after attempting to unclog the drain with commercial drain cleaner to eliminate the risk of unsafe chemical reactions.

Wood Floors

Wood floors need only basic techniques to remain clean, shiny, and safe for babies and pets. A microfiber mop, damp with hot water, will do wonders for a quick, easy, and effective wood floor cleaning strategy. Mist some castile soap onto the mop for particularly tough cleaning jobs. To wax wood floors, try combining equal parts of vinegar and olive oil and rubbing it onto the floor with a clean cloth.

These simple cleaning strategies can not only save money, but make for a safer home. Pets and children will be less likely to get into stored chemical cleaners, and family members with allergies and asthma will benefit from fewer fumes and chemicals on household surfaces.

How to Save Money Gardening

There are great ways to save money in your garden and I’m going to go through at least 10 different options that will really keep the money in your account rather than spend out in shops. Those different options will help you to save money through producing your own crop as well as finding useful implementations for items you’d otherwise throw away.

One of the most obvious ways to save money in the garden is when you come out to replace the grass.  you’ve got two options really ones to go and fork out on a complete new turf laid by professionals and the second is seed.

Save money in the garden planting with seed

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that laying turf yourself would actually save you a huge amount of money, nearly into the thousands assuming that you’ve got a big enough garden. But cheaper than laying new turf is actually to just go with seed instead. It’s so easy to do. You simply cut the remnants of the old grass off and leave yourself with the topsoil exposed. You then make sure that the surface is completely flat so has got no big lumps whatsoever. If the surface completely flat and You have removed all of the big lumps of mud then you’re pretty much ready to go. Just firstly wet the soil a little bit and then drop your seed in. The only issue you might have is of course the birds my like to feed on the seed.

Watering to save money in the garden.

Did you know the one of the biggest wastes in your garden is the way that you water it. There are some really sensible ways to make maximum use of the water that’s spent. It probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that the most efficient way of watering your garden is using an irrigation system that targets the roots. The least effective way is a sprinkler that shoots everywhere. The problem with a sprinkler is that you end up watering so much area that simply doesn’t require it. You’re just pouring water into the ground that’s either not used or just simply evaporates.

Watering plants in the garden

Watering plants in the garden

By using a targeted irrigation system you can save huge amount of water and of course money. The other great thing about using a targeted drip water system would be that you could just attach it to a water butt. This means that you know exactly how much water is being consumed by your garden. It’s really hard to work out how much water is being used if you just simply turn the tap on. Once you actually know how much you’re using then you can work out how to save from there. I took this brilliant idea from and here’s the link for this how to save money in the garden website article.

Make use of the scraps in your kitchen

Don’t throw your food scraps or put vegetable peels away.  To be completely efficient they either need to feed the chickens or end up in the compost bin. If you feed the chickens then of course you’ll end up with chicken poo which can be used as great fertiliser directly. If it ends up in the compost bin you’ll need to wait for it to break down. It will be six to nine months however you’ll end up with high quality soil. This is the basis for good money saving as of course compost is rather expensive.



Make sure cut grass ends up on your compost pile

One really great way of making high quality compost is to make sure that the lawnmower do you have actually collect the grass. This grass can then just simply be dropped into your compost and then in 6 months it will be ready to go. It will provide some of the highest quality soil you’ll find around. With grass being really small already it’s actually very quick to decompose. That makes it a great basis for a good compost pile.

Garden Equipment

Garden Equipment

Don’t spend money on pest control

Don’t waste money on chemical pest control because there’s so many options do you can use naturally at home. Just take slug control for an example. There are loads of different chemical methods to clear slides from your garden. But some of the most effective methods actually a natural. One of the best ways to clear slides of course is to try to invite Predators. If you have many birds in your garden of course they’ll make light work of your slugs and that’s great.

There are loads of different chemical methods to clear slugs from your garden. But some of the most effective methods actually a natural. One of the best ways to clear slugs is to try to invite Predators. If you have many birds in your garden of course they’ll make light work of your slugs and that’s great. Obviously you don’t want them to get the worms because the worms are helping with your soil quality.

Plant with slugs protection

Plant with slugs protection

Money saving in the garden conclusion

If you can take  away from this article it would be that simply spending money isn’t necessary in the garden. Hundreds of years ago as we didn’t have shops to go and help us with our gardening. And so why do we need to rely on them now. Even something as simple as planting trays can actually be forged out of something in the home. You could literally use an egg holder to plant little seedlings.  So please don’t rush out spending money take a little look at this article and at the links in it and you might find some brilliant money saving ideas. Please look out for my new articles and of course they’ll involve money saving.

Make Your Own Spray Starch: Inexpensive Laundry Solutions

If you’re trying to save a little money by ironing your own dress shirts, making your own starch can help you save even more. Spray starch and sizing can be expensive, and the spray nozzles on the cans clog up at the worst possible times too, making it hard if not impossible to use the entire can. One solution is to make your own starch. All of the ingredients you’ll need are probably already in your kitchen, and once you’ve used a homemade recipe, you’ll probably never go back.

Clothing-type starch comes from vegetables and . . . well, starches, the most common of which is cornstarch. Often used as a thickener for soups and stews and as a coating for chicken and seafood, cornstarch is inexpensive and easy to find in your local grocery store. You can usually find it on the same isle as the flour and baking supplies.

Cornstarch Based Clothing Starch

Cornstarch based clothing starch uses a very simple recipe. For a delivery system, you’ll need to invest in a pump sprayer, though. Start with a combination of one tablespoon of cornstarch in two cups of cold water. Stir or shake the mixture thoroughly to get out any lumps.

Once you have the starch mixed, try it out on a piece of scrap cloth, spraying and ironing as you would normally. Shake the sprayer a couple of times before each spritz. If you’re using a quality sprayer and can change the nozzle setting, adjust it for the finest spray you can get and still have good flow.

If you need a stiffer finish, try adding more starch to the mixture a teaspoon at a time until you get a consistency that works for you.

Keep the sprayer in the refrigerator between uses. The contents should last for a week to ten days.

Potato-Based Clothing Starch

Although cornstarch is convenient and inexpensive, it isn’t the only option for a homemade clothing starch alternative. Potatoes make good clothes starch too. To prepare potato starch, peel a medium sized potato and place it in boiling water. Let the water cool slowly to room temperature. Strain the liquid through cheesecloth into a spray bottle. Potato starch will keep in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Homemade Cornstarch Tips and Tricks

  • For the best results, always use steam in your iron when using homemade starch.
  • Let the starch absorb into fabric for at least 30 seconds before ironing.
  • If you really like the feel of light starch, or just want the protection starch provides against collar ring and perspiration stains, potato starch is a mild choice.
  • Wipe your iron after each use.
  • If you start to see white marks on clothes, you’re probably ironing too soon after applying the spray starch. It’s also possible that you may need to add a little more water to your sprayer.

Save money and spare the environment by making your own spray starch. It’s a smart choice.

Saving money around the home

In your search going to go through some great ways to save money around the home and if you are lucky enough to be able to pick up a couple of tips they really will say to you in the hundreds maybe thousands of pounds. They’ll be involving restoring and repairing your home.

Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Floor Sanding and Varnishing

If you think you need new carpet guess again there’s the possibility that you could actually we use your original flooring just sand and varnish it. Sanding and varnishing an original floor looks amazing. not only will you increase the value of your property be able to make it look considerably nicer. The only problem you might suffer is of course there’s going to be more noise because carpet does help to absorb some of the noise when you’re walking along. So this might not be ideal for you if you live in an apartment. But if you don’t live in an apartment and you own your own home plus the floor below is yours. Then absolutely go for it.

Clean your bricks for the wow factor

Another great way to save money in the home is to clean your brickwork. The brickwork itself is fine dirty but it would look much nicer if you could restore the Old Yellow Brick back to the original period look 200 years ago. That original colour is actually really good and naturally vibrant and makes people really want to buy these houses. Cleaning your old yellow bricks is not too expensive either. It could literally just cost from a few hundred pounds and if you find the right person may be less than that. It’s not really something you want to do it yourself because it’s actually an acid that’s used to clean a break. After the acid as applied you can actually seal the break with some kind of PVC glue that will really help the surface of the brick not crumble away. That’s one of the biggest concerns. How much damage is caused when you clean your brick is how much damage you actually do to it.

Repair Windows

Repair Windows

If you live in a period property and you have sash windows then it’s actually not necessary to throw them away if they’re in bad condition. Sash window repairs really viable and can save you thousands of pounds on complete replacement. There’s so many things you can do with original sash windows these days you can draught proof them. You can install double glazed units into the original sashes but most of all make sure you keep the originals wherever possible because it’ll actually add value to your property. This is a pic of a look so elegant and they’re so in keeping with the original Victorian idea. There are major sash window specialist companies that can literally repair Windows for about £300 each. This is a huge saving on the entire replacement which can save you as much as £2,000 for window.

Kitchen money saving

If your house needs a new kitchen or bathroom then why not consider going to B&Q or Wickes, they are understandably cheaper and less quality but ultimately you’re only going to use the bathroom for like 10 years anyway so what’s the point in going for high end if it’s mid term? You could get away with going with the lower ends bathroom and enjoy it just as much. This would save you at least £5,000 in the house so that was a typical three bed semi. Wickes and B&Q really specialise in making very nice looking bar and bathrooms and kitchens even if they’re not actually that high in quality. They certainly last reasonably well mid-term.

Gardening money saving

Another great way to save money is do your own gardening. Gardening and landscaping can cost an absolute fortune but if you’ve got the weekend and you need exercise anyway… Why have someone else in to help you if you could just do it yourself? You don’t have to spend thousands you could just literally spend £200 to make a really nice looking garden there so many people out there was lovely gardening blogs would help you get your way through garden without spending a fortune. Much in the same way I run money saving blog.

Gardening and landscaping

Gardening and landscaping

Ultimately money-saving is a way of life but if you can actually incorporate it in your home as well you can make massive savings because of course the home is the biggest investment for most people. Make sure that you are making the most of your money and do the absolute best you can with your budget. Don’t spend money on the home without giving it great thought, don’t be one of those impulse buyers that buy something and then 6 months later we regret it and there’s no warranty or you can’t send the item back because it’s out of cooling off period. Be careful with your selections and make sure that they will add value to your home. That’s the secret to Great money saving at home

Planning a Garage Sale: Plan and Organise a Successful Yard Sale

Once you set a date for your garage sale, it becomes a reality. It becomes easier to stay on task and keep motivated. On a calendar, prominently note the date of the sale. Give yourself some time, since sorting, pricing, and advertising will take time. Giving your self at least a month will give you enough time to plan your successful garage sale.

Find Items to Sell

One of the best things about yard sales and garage sales is that it forces you to purge unneeded items. Go through your home and office and find items you can sell. Choosing items can be difficult. Decide if you need, love, or use the item — if you don’t, it would be a good choice for the sale. If you think you may use it in the future, first ask yourself if it can be replaced. Getting rid of the item now, and replacing it if you ever need it later, is usually better than having it take up space. Make sure that the items are in good enough condition for someone else to want and use.

Sort the Items That are Being Sold

After you have chosen the items you will be selling, organise them in boxes by department. Think of a department store and organise your items the same way they do.

Some categories can include kitchen, bath, appliances, office, and so on.

Price the Items

Research similar items on eBay or Craigslist to see what others are selling similar items for. You can even go to other yard sales or to flea markets to get a feel for the pricing strategy. Buy stickers to put the prices to put the prices or item number on the item. Make sure you have a clipboard with the item description, item number, and price. Haggling takes place, so write down what the lowest price you are willing to go would be.

Advertise the Garage Sale

Use the newspaper, magazine event calendars, Craigslist, and flyers to get the word out. A lot of people make a weekend out of going to garage sales – make sure they can find you.

  • Place the location and time of the sale, and give information of some enticing items to draw
  • Find out the local rules for placing signs in your neighborhood
  • A lot of garage sale shoppers are early birds, so try to start early
  • By the afternoon, most shoppers will probably be done with their garage sale shopping. Keep this in mind when negotiating pricing.

Final Words

Having a successful garage sale takes planning, but if you give yourself enough time and stay motivated, you can have fun, get rid of unneeded items, and make some money.

Saving money for life, a programme you can work with

What better way to start a money-saving blog than a long list of the best ways in which you can put money back in your pocket. In this article going to have a look at some of the trendiest and coolest ways to keep money and still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

General good money saving ideas

First on the list for saving money is keeping a pot of gold just for a rainy day. If you’ve got a few pounds saved away and some unexpected bill crops up you’re not going to be stressed and you’re going to be in a position to comfortably look after yourself. You really don’t want to receive a nasty tax bill, council bill, or electricity without having a few pounds behind you.

One of the best ways to save money is to compartmentalise that cash you have. For every £50 you save why don’t you put it in an envelope and store it away. Once you’ve got a bundle of envelopes it really gives you a satisfying feeling that you are actually getting ahead of the game.

Set yourself some short-term goals for savings so that you know what you’re aiming for and watch realistic to achieve. You can easily get yourself depressed and overworked by the fact that you’re not saving at the rate you think you should be. If you said yourself some realistic goals you solve that problem I keep yourself on track to get into the top of the pile.

Checks Items

Checks Items

make a clear savings plan so every time you go to the supermarket and you get your change make sure that you hold that change away or every time you take £20 out of a cash me to make sure that you simply put 10 of that away. Find a good way that works for you to save money and then you’ll be on the right track here.

As I just mentioned saving loose change is actually one of the easiest ways to save money because you don’t really need it just leave it in your pocket and the soon as you wash your clothes just have a jar on the side and you can put it away.

Manage your finances

Saving money is not just about saving money it’s also about spending money carefully and hear some tips on how to spend money carefully and manage your finances well.

One of the worst thing you can do is take out a credit card because you’re short of money. If you’re short of money should be thinking about cutting back not spending money that you actually haven’t got. Credit cards a really dangerous because not only did you spend the money haven’t got you don’t have to pay interest on their money as well. You’re basically setting yourself up for a big problem. So many people in the UK go bankrupt as a result of credit cards that now the company is being rather careful about how they lend the money.

Manage Your Finances

Manage Your Finances

Make sure you clear your debt as fast as possible especially ones those carry interest. You really want to get away from any interest that’s the one that will really cripple you. It’s almost modern day slavery without the whip. You keep having to find the money and you then have to compound it with the interest as well. It’s a really difficult way to run your life if you are continually in debt. Many people are always aiming to get themselves out of debt with mortgage free lifestyle.

one of the most sensible things to do if you can’t trust yourself is literally tell your credit card up. Call up the company and just tell them look I don’t want to borrow any more money and I want to repay fixed rate monthly. You’ve really got to get away from credit cards and dect because if you’re in that cycle it’s the hardest thing to break. Literally freezer credit card and walk away from him. He imagined it being out of money actually is out of money and not when your credit card limits up.

Going out and saving money

Saving money doesn’t just sitting indoors board you can have a lot of fun but you don’t have to spend any money doing it and I’m going to go through a few of the really good ways.

One of the best things you can do come summer in the UK is take a nice stroll along the beach. It’s ever such a nice experience with the sun setting and the wind cooling down a hot and muggy day.

Walk by the Beach

Walk by the Beach

Call up your friends and go for a game of football instead of going to the pub. That will save you literally £100 every single month and you can still meet with your friends and then you can get exercise as well. It might even help you save money on health bills in time to come.