Planning a Garage Sale: Plan and Organise a Successful Yard Sale

Once you set a date for your garage sale, it becomes a reality. It becomes easier to stay on task and keep motivated. On a calendar, prominently note the date of the sale. Give yourself some time, since sorting, pricing, and advertising will take time. Giving your self at least a month will give you enough time to plan your successful garage sale.

Find Items to Sell

One of the best things about yard sales and garage sales is that it forces you to purge unneeded items. Go through your home and office and find items you can sell. Choosing items can be difficult. Decide if you need, love, or use the item — if you don’t, it would be a good choice for the sale. If you think you may use it in the future, first ask yourself if it can be replaced. Getting rid of the item now, and replacing it if you ever need it later, is usually better than having it take up space. Make sure that the items are in good enough condition for someone else to want and use.

Sort the Items That are Being Sold

After you have chosen the items you will be selling, organise them in boxes by department. Think of a department store and organise your items the same way they do.

Some categories can include kitchen, bath, appliances, office, and so on.

Price the Items

Research similar items on eBay or Craigslist to see what others are selling similar items for. You can even go to other yard sales or to flea markets to get a feel for the pricing strategy. Buy stickers to put the prices to put the prices or item number on the item. Make sure you have a clipboard with the item description, item number, and price. Haggling takes place, so write down what the lowest price you are willing to go would be.

Advertise the Garage Sale

Use the newspaper, magazine event calendars, Craigslist, and flyers to get the word out. A lot of people make a weekend out of going to garage sales – make sure they can find you.

  • Place the location and time of the sale, and give information of some enticing items to draw
  • Find out the local rules for placing signs in your neighborhood
  • A lot of garage sale shoppers are early birds, so try to start early
  • By the afternoon, most shoppers will probably be done with their garage sale shopping. Keep this in mind when negotiating pricing.

Final Words

Having a successful garage sale takes planning, but if you give yourself enough time and stay motivated, you can have fun, get rid of unneeded items, and make some money.