Saving money around the home

In your search going to go through some great ways to save money around the home and if you are lucky enough to be able to pick up a couple of tips they really will say to you in the hundreds maybe thousands of pounds. They’ll be involving restoring and repairing your home.

Floor Sanding and Varnishing

Floor Sanding and Varnishing

If you think you need new carpet guess again there’s the possibility that you could actually we use your original flooring just sand and varnish it. Sanding and varnishing an original floor looks amazing. not only will you increase the value of your property be able to make it look considerably nicer. The only problem you might suffer is of course there’s going to be more noise because carpet does help to absorb some of the noise when you’re walking along. So this might not be ideal for you if you live in an apartment. But if you don’t live in an apartment and you own your own home plus the floor below is yours. Then absolutely go for it.

Clean your bricks for the wow factor

Another great way to save money in the home is to clean your brickwork. The brickwork itself is fine dirty but it would look much nicer if you could restore the Old Yellow Brick back to the original period look 200 years ago. That original colour is actually really good and naturally vibrant and makes people really want to buy these houses. Cleaning your old yellow bricks is not too expensive either. It could literally just cost from a few hundred pounds and if you find the right person may be less than that. It’s not really something you want to do it yourself because it’s actually an acid that’s used to clean a break. After the acid as applied you can actually seal the break with some kind of PVC glue that will really help the surface of the brick not crumble away. That’s one of the biggest concerns. How much damage is caused when you clean your brick is how much damage you actually do to it.

Repair Windows

Repair Windows

If you live in a period property and you have sash windows then it’s actually not necessary to throw them away if they’re in bad condition. Sash window repairs really viable and can save you thousands of pounds on complete replacement. There’s so many things you can do with original sash windows these days you can draught proof them. You can install double glazed units into the original sashes but most of all make sure you keep the originals wherever possible because it’ll actually add value to your property. This is a pic of a look so elegant and they’re so in keeping with the original Victorian idea. There are major sash window specialist companies that can literally repair Windows for about £300 each. This is a huge saving on the entire replacement which can save you as much as £2,000 for window.

Kitchen money saving

If your house needs a new kitchen or bathroom then why not consider going to B&Q or Wickes, they are understandably cheaper and less quality but ultimately you’re only going to use the bathroom for like 10 years anyway so what’s the point in going for high end if it’s mid term? You could get away with going with the lower ends bathroom and enjoy it just as much. This would save you at least £5,000 in the house so that was a typical three bed semi. Wickes and B&Q really specialise in making very nice looking bar and bathrooms and kitchens even if they’re not actually that high in quality. They certainly last reasonably well mid-term.

Gardening money saving

Another great way to save money is do your own gardening. Gardening and landscaping can cost an absolute fortune but if you’ve got the weekend and you need exercise anyway… Why have someone else in to help you if you could just do it yourself? You don’t have to spend thousands you could just literally spend £200 to make a really nice looking garden there so many people out there was lovely gardening blogs would help you get your way through garden without spending a fortune. Much in the same way I run money saving blog.

Gardening and landscaping

Gardening and landscaping

Ultimately money-saving is a way of life but if you can actually incorporate it in your home as well you can make massive savings because of course the home is the biggest investment for most people. Make sure that you are making the most of your money and do the absolute best you can with your budget. Don’t spend money on the home without giving it great thought, don’t be one of those impulse buyers that buy something and then 6 months later we regret it and there’s no warranty or you can’t send the item back because it’s out of cooling off period. Be careful with your selections and make sure that they will add value to your home. That’s the secret to Great money saving at home


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