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What better way to start a money-saving blog than a long list of the best ways in which you can put money back in your pocket. In this article going to have a look at some of the trendiest and coolest ways to keep money and still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

General good money saving ideas

First on the list for saving money is keeping a pot of gold just for a rainy day. If you’ve got a few pounds saved away and some unexpected bill crops up you’re not going to be stressed and you’re going to be in a position to comfortably look after yourself. You really don’t want to receive a nasty tax bill, council bill, or electricity without having a few pounds behind you.

One of the best ways to save money is to compartmentalise that cash you have. For every £50 you save why don’t you put it in an envelope and store it away. Once you’ve got a bundle of envelopes it really gives you a satisfying feeling that you are actually getting ahead of the game.

Set yourself some short-term goals for savings so that you know what you’re aiming for and watch realistic to achieve. You can easily get yourself depressed and overworked by the fact that you’re not saving at the rate you think you should be. If you said yourself some realistic goals you solve that problem I keep yourself on track to get into the top of the pile.

Checks Items

Checks Items

make a clear savings plan so every time you go to the supermarket and you get your change make sure that you hold that change away or every time you take £20 out of a cash me to make sure that you simply put 10 of that away. Find a good way that works for you to save money and then you’ll be on the right track here.

As I just mentioned saving loose change is actually one of the easiest ways to save money because you don’t really need it just leave it in your pocket and the soon as you wash your clothes just have a jar on the side and you can put it away.

Manage your finances

Saving money is not just about saving money it’s also about spending money carefully and hear some tips on how to spend money carefully and manage your finances well.

One of the worst thing you can do is take out a credit card because you’re short of money. If you’re short of money should be thinking about cutting back not spending money that you actually haven’t got. Credit cards a really dangerous because not only did you spend the money haven’t got you don’t have to pay interest on their money as well. You’re basically setting yourself up for a big problem. So many people in the UK go bankrupt as a result of credit cards that now the company is being rather careful about how they lend the money.

Manage Your Finances

Manage Your Finances

Make sure you clear your debt as fast as possible especially ones those carry interest. You really want to get away from any interest that’s the one that will really cripple you. It’s almost modern day slavery without the whip. You keep having to find the money and you then have to compound it with the interest as well. It’s a really difficult way to run your life if you are continually in debt. Many people are always aiming to get themselves out of debt with mortgage free lifestyle.

one of the most sensible things to do if you can’t trust yourself is literally tell your credit card up. Call up the company and just tell them look I don’t want to borrow any more money and I want to repay fixed rate monthly. You’ve really got to get away from credit cards and dect because if you’re in that cycle it’s the hardest thing to break. Literally freezer credit card and walk away from him. He imagined it being out of money actually is out of money and not when your credit card limits up.

Going out and saving money

Saving money doesn’t just sitting indoors board you can have a lot of fun but you don’t have to spend any money doing it and I’m going to go through a few of the really good ways.

One of the best things you can do come summer in the UK is take a nice stroll along the beach. It’s ever such a nice experience with the sun setting and the wind cooling down a hot and muggy day.

Walk by the Beach

Walk by the Beach

Call up your friends and go for a game of football instead of going to the pub. That will save you literally £100 every single month and you can still meet with your friends and then you can get exercise as well. It might even help you save money on health bills in time to come.


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